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My name is Julia Di Sano, and I'm the Owner/ Artist behind Ebi Emporium, a Whimsical Fine Art Home Decor, Gifts and Accessories studio based in Vancouver, BC.
How was Ebi Emporium created?

Well, I suppose I should begin by saying that Ebi Emporium is not merely a business for me, but is a reflection of my perspective and the culmination of my life's path so far. I began painting and drawing in early childhood, preferring to stay in my room creating something artistic. I've always found peace and reflection in creating art, and from as early as 7-years-old I regularly entered and won local art competitions. Later, I attended an intensive fine arts high school in Ontario, Canada, wherein my education focused mainly on developing my art skills and understanding. And during a rough patch in my teenage years, art became my solace and reprieve - Art therapy. But, being from a traditional Italian family, upon high school graduation, I was ushered into 2 unrelated "practical" university degrees. I successfully completed both degrees, but I knew that my only true calling was art:
I wanted my passion to be my profession, and my personal art therapy to help also lighten the spirits and brighten the homes of clients. So, with hard work and dedication, I decided to start my own art business, offering my original paintings, art prints and a wide range of products featuring my artwork. My paintings are bold and cheerful, and I always aim to bring a smile to people's hearts and homes.
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More About Ebi Emporium

Bold colours and whimsical designs can sing to the soul, bringing happiness and excitement to everyday life. Surround yourself with rainbows in your home and fashion - You'll be smiling in no time! :)
Please take your time to browse all my OOAK Paintings, Fine Art Prints, Decorative Throw Pillow Covers, Shower Curtains, Duvet Covers, Throw Blankets, etc.
Custom art requests are very welcome! Please contact me for details. Pricing will be based upon canvas size chosen and time required to complete the piece :D

Ebi Emporium strives to bring you beautiful items, quality service, and a smile~ Please let me know if you need any assistance~ Thank you.
Learn more about the artist of Ebi Emporium, Julia Di Sano, in this YouTube video!

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